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Conrac 2CP Tube End Finisher - Reconditioned

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Conrac 2CP - Tube End Finisher
Conrac 2CP - Tube End Finisher
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Item #: 2CP
Mfg: Conrac
Part #: 2CP

Conrac Model 2CP 
Tube End Finisher  -  Reconditioned

The Conrac 2CP tube end-finishing machine can prepare tube and pipe ends with a bead or flare, or simply deburred and squared.  A change of tooling is all that is required to switch from one function to another.  The Model 2CP features manual clamping for easy-to-form materials and low production requirements, and has a 2-speed spindle (500 & 1500rpm), allowing you to choose the most efficient speed for the function you are performing.

This tube bender has been reconditioned to like new condition and comes with a one year warranty. Since 1960, the staff rebuilding this equipment has been active in the design, manufacture, assembly, repair and reconditioning of tube benders, end-finishing machines, flaring machines and hydraulic power supplies.

About Squaring, Deburring & Flaring

Flared joints form liquid-tight, air-tight connections at the ends of tubing or pipe.  To obtain an effective, long-lasting seal, each end of the tube or pipe must be formed to the exact shape of the matching flare fittings.

Typical Applications

Hydraulic systems and fuel lines in the aircraft, automotive, heating, and cooling industries.

About Beading

Beading is a versatile end-finishing technique that can be applied to a variety of industrial applications.

In conjunction with an o-ring, for example, beaded joints can be used to interconnect exhaust tubes or low-pressure fuel lines. Beads can also be used to dampen vibration in solid lines or to increase the effectiveness of the seal when a rubber or fabric sleeve is clamped to a metal duct.

Typical Applications

Low-pressure air, exhaust, and liquid systems in the automotive, appliance, and boating fields.

NOTE:  We have a large selection of quality used tooling for the Conrac 2CPV.  Please call us at 423.821.4183 to discuss your needs.




1/8" to 2" OD X .049" wall max - Annealed Ferrous
1/8" to 2" OD X .065" wall max - Nonferrous
1/8" to 2" OD X .049" wall max - Stainless Steel


1/4" to 3/8" OD X .035" wall max - Annealed Ferrous or Nonferrous
1/2" to 1 1/2" OD X .049" wall max - Annealed Ferrous or Nonferrous
1/2" to 1 1/2" OD X .049" wall max - Stainless Steel


1/8" to 2" O.D. Annealed ferrous, nonferrous & stainless steel

- Manual

Air supply
1-1/2 CFM at 75-100 PSI required
Weight - 325 lbs

This equipment is subject to prior sale.

Equipment must ship via common carrier.  
Call us at 423.821.4183 with your Zip Code, and we will gladly furnish you with a shipping quote.

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