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Hydrostatic Hose Tester (72" x 24" x 12")

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Hydrostatic Hose Tester
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This Hydraulic Hose Tester combines a test chamber with one of our hydrostatic hose testers as an integral unit. All hose testing or component test connections are inside the hydrostatic test chamber and controls outside to protect personnel during testing.

The standard hydrostatic hose tester or hose-proof test stand incorporates a loop arrangement whereby the test fluid is returned to the reservoir, enabling the bleeding of air from the system and the recycling of test fluid. A non-loop arrangement may be preferred under some circumstances at no extra cost.

The hydrostatic hose tester chambers are manufactured using 12 gauge stainless steel, providing increased strength over comparable gauge mild steel and avoiding the inevitable chipping, cracking, and rust common in painted or powder coated equipment.

In addition to hose assemblies, the unit can be used for the hydrostatic testing of virtually anything that requires high-pressure proof testing or burst testing. Heavier gauge stainless is available if required. As with all of our equipment, the units can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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