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Tube Fabrication Carts - Rental

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Olson Model 50
Olson Model 50Lakeland 624  Lakeland 624  Lakeland 624Lakeland 624 Tube BenderOlson Model 50Olson Model 50Wilton Heavy Duty ViseLakeland 624
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Part #: CI 2432

Tube Fabrication Cart - Rental

Includes a Lakeland 624 heavy-duty tube bender, an Olsen Model 50 tube end finisher (with the internal deburring feature) & a heavy-duty Wilton vise.  Complete with tooling to bend & flare (37 deg.) the following tube sizes - 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 1".  Additional tooling for other sizes is available.

The Olsen Model 50 can also flange (90 deg.) hydraulic tubing from 1/4" thru 1-1/2" tubing (both carbon and stainless steel).

The heavy-duty rolling cart provides a portable solution to your tube fabrication needs.

All equipment & tooling have been completely reconditioned, and include a one-year warranty (normal wear and misuse excluded).

A full assortment of tooling for the Lakeland 624 and Olsen Model 50 is available.  This allows you to buy additional tooling as needed.  Call us at 423.821.4183 to answer any questions you may have.

Lakeland 624

1-1/2" Heavy Duty Gear Tube Bender - Reconditioned

This unit is an easy-to-use economical heavy-duty bender.  This unit was designed for maintenance, prototype work, and low production requirements.  If you do any tube fabrication or want to get into the tubing business, this is a very versatile machine to own. 
And, Lakeland has a reputation for making top-quality and highly reliable tube fabrication equipment.


  • 3/8" to 1-1/2" O.D. Tubing
  • 6 mm - 32 mm O.D. Metric Tubing
  • 1/8" - 1" Iron Pipe (I.P.S.)
  • Bi-Directional Bending
  • 4:1 Gear Drive
  • Quick Clamp Engagement
  • Bench Mounting
  • Radius Block Variety
  • Combination Slide & Clamp Block
  • Mandrel Capability
  • Weight (machine only):  120 lbs.


  • Bends virtually all popular sizes.
  • Makes right or left-hand bends.
  • Makes opposite direction or "S" type bends.
  • Easy shifting of clamp block arm provides quick changeover for right or left-hand bends.
  • Bends larger material without operator fatigue.
  • The high-speed mechanical advantage is to bend the heaviest tubing and up to Schedule 40 pipe.
  • Standard clamp & slide block arms use speed screw and half-nut to quickly engage and disengage tooling.
  • Meet virtually any bend radius specification.  Unique "Flare End" block allows bend adjacent to flare.
  • Radius blocks are available for metric tubing, rigid conduit, and Schedule 40 pipe.
  • Only three slide clamp blocks cover the full-size range.
  • Easily converted to bend thin-wall tube with the use of optional mandrels.

Olsen Model 50
2" Flaring & Flanging Machine - Reconditioned

The Olsen Model 50 was designed and developed to provide a near-perfect method of flaring brass, copper & steel (including stainless steel) tubing for pneumatic, hydraulic & fluid systems.  It also has the capacity to form 90 deg. flanges.


The Model 50 has been tested & accepted by a multitude of customers in the U.S & overseas.  Applications with pressures up to 11,000 psi are operating without leaks. The operation is simple and requires little physical effort.  New personnel can operate the machine at close to maximum efficiency after only a brief break-in period.

See for yourself how it works:


  • Fast, quiet, easy to use

  • Single Flares 1/8” to 2” OD at a 37 or 45-degree flare
  • Copper, Brass, Steel & Stainless Steel Round Tubing
  • Metric Tooling available
  • 115 vac, 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • Instruction manual included


  • Minimizes training & mistakes

  • Fast setup time

  • Easy operation 

  • Simplified flaring

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Fast cycle time

  • Reliable - Serviceable - Standardized


Eqipment must ship via common carrier.  
Call us at 423.821.4183 with your Zip Code, and we will gladly furnish you with a shipping quote.

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 Wanted !


Tube Benders  (Lakeland & Parker) 

Tube End Finishers  (Conrac, Olsen & Parker)

Hydraulic Hose Crimpers  (Aeroquip & Eaton)

Tooling for the above equipment.

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