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Parker 632 Hydraulic Tube Bender - New

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Parker 632 Hydraulic Tube Bender
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Item #: 632
Mfg: Parker
Part #: 632

Parker 632
2" Hydraulic Tube Bender  -  New

Hydraulic power does the work in bending tubes of all materials in sizes from 6 (3/8” O.D.) through size 32 (2” O.D.), 10mm through 50mm, with wall thicknesses as great as .188 for annealed steel, and pipe sizes from 3/8” through 1-1/2”. Contact us for specific wall thickness capabilities. The radius block, around which the tube is bent, is driven by a roller chain and sprocket powered by a cylinder and a separate hydraulic power unit.

The maximum bend angle is 180° with radii from 1 1/4” to 8”. Close second bends can be performed in either direction. An adjustable stop controls the degree of bend to a maximum of 180° and is graduated in a 1° increment. After the bend is completed and pressure is released, a spring returns the clamp arm to the zero starting position.

The clamp vise arm features a quick-release speed screw for positioning the required clamp block. Each size of the tube requires the correct sized radius block, clamp block, and slide block.

An Operating Manual is included with each bender.

Parker 632 radius blocks, slide blocks, and clamp blocks will work with the following benders as well: 624, 824, 832, and 848.

NOTE:  For size 28 (1 3/4” O.D. tube) through 32 (2” O.D. tube) radius blocks, an adapter plate is required.

COMPONENTS REQUIRED:  The minimum components required are a Model 632 tube bender, hose assembly, hydraulic power unit, and a radius, slide, and clamp block which match the tube/pipe O.D. to be bent.


  • 3/8" to 2" O.D. Tubing.
  • 10 mm - 50 mm O.D. Metric Tubing.
  • 3/8" - 1-1/2" Iron Pipe (I.P.S.)
  • Automatic Bend Angle Stop
  • Rugged Heavy Duty Design
  • Quick Clamp Engagement
  • Heavy Duty Power Unit
  • Radius Block Variety
  • Combination Slide & Clamp Block
  • Mandrel Capability
  • Dimensions:  40” L, 11” W, 12” H
  • Weight (machine only):  150 lbs.


  • Bends virtually all popular sizes.
  • Dial-in degree of bend required and the machine will automatically stop when the bend is complete.
  • The second dial indicator, located under radius block, permits monitoring during bending
  • Spring on cylinder automatically returns mechanism to starting position after the bend is complete.
  • Proven, the long-life design utilizes a 10,000 psi hydraulic cylinder to rotate the radius block.
  • Bends larger material without operator fatigue.
  • The high-speed hydraulic advantage to bend the heaviest tubing and up to Schedule 40 pipe.
  • Standard clamp and slide block arms use speed screw and half-nut to quickly engage and disengage tooling.
  • Meet virtually any bend radius specification.  Unique "Flare End" block allows bend adjacent to flare.
  • Radius blocks are available for metric tubing, rigid conduit, and Schedule 40 pipe.
  • Easily converted to bend thin-wall tube with the use of optional mandrels.

This equipment is subject to prior sale.

Equipment must ship via common carrier.  Call us at 423.821.4183 with your Zip Code, and we will gladly furnish you with a shipping quote.

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